About PureProducts®

I have always been a fan of good quality skincare. I love the fresh smell of aromatherapy products. I also believe whatever you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat. I grew up surrounded by homegrown vegetables, fruits and flowers. With my parents’ preference for herbal remedies I have always been inclined towards integrating herbs, fruits and flowers in my beauty regimen, as well as salt, sugar and other cupboard essentials. The focus on using natural ingredients as much as possible inspired me to call my skincare business PureProducts.

A few years ago, when I started to educate myself about the various ingredients such as preservatives, emulsifiers, colorings and fragrances used in commercial skincare, I became uncomfortable with what was in my skincare products. I began experimenting with soap making, and I realized my soaps were much better than the luxury or organic soaps and body washes I was used to. This way I managed to convert my family, who are all very fussy skincare consumers, to become my guinea pigs on my quest for a good quality product range including lip balm, hair oil and lotions.

My love for soap making, created avenues for new adventures. I started further educating myself on the benefits of herbs and other skin nourishing additives.  My passion for research and learning new skills has enabled me to develop a soap range that cleanses and beautify the skin using nourishing ingredients. They are even safe to use as a shampoo or shaving bar. A bar of soap is a very versatile product. My soaps are made of olive oil, beeswax and other wholesome additives, which will leave you and your skin feeling clean, fresh and beautiful, just like a PureProducts® should.